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The Ground Truth mobile analytics census conducted in 2010 identified air G's weekly media time as 1 hour 31 minutes, making it one of the top 10 most frequented services on mobile phones in the United States.The company has also given back to the local community.In 2008, air G formed a partnership with the Canadian charity, Kids Help Phone.

I've been googling today for an answer to this and there is nothing out there.

Closest thing is /forum-replies-archive.cfm/1154384which refers to From: Big Pond You are currently subscribed to air G chat for $0.95/day.

The Issue Manager App allows organization to capture Issues, assign an Issue Owner, task an employee with resolving the Issue and record corrective and preventative action.

This is a fully featured complete Light Switch html5 line of business application which you can extend and adapt to your specific needs.

For security and privacy, users can choose their level of privacy settings—from profile access to incoming airmail.

All users can set their privacy settings when they first log in.

The ‘Privacy Settings’ can be found under the ‘Options’ menu.

Block a community member—this option will block a particular member and stop all communications from that person.

The Audit Manager App is targeted at businesses who need to maintain standards for regulatory and compliance purposes. The Audit Manage App allows organization to schedule a series of audits of their facilities,...

The Training Manager App is a tool for managing internal employee training requirements.

The werid thing is i ensure I have nothing to do with bigpond, the closest I get is a Telstra mobile.

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