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SUPPORT TO RESEARCHERS FOR THE APPLICATION TO THE ERC PROGRAMMES Objective of the call is to develop cooperation between Croatian researchers (Visiting researcher) and one of the current ERC projects Principal Investigator, with the aim to gain experience and to develop and prepare their own project proposal for the ERC programmes.

This programme finances visits to the ERC-funded projects that are implemented at the time of the call and visit, in the duration of 3 to 4 months.

See full summary » This movie, based in part on the popular novel, tells two tales about modern women.

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Cost of travel to the Host institution shall also be covered. Estimated end of evaluation: June 2017 Total budget of the programme: 1.000.000 HRK.

TEKST NATJEČAJA CALL FOR PROPOSALS Kriteriji za vrednovanje projektnog prijedloga Evaluation form Note: all candidates for the visiting fellowship should be informed that their participation in the proposed scheme does not confer any special treatment in order to obtain a grant from the ERC at a later stage.

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Characters and story do seem a bit cliché at first, but the excellent acting and story progression take it to another level.

The acting is amazing on so many levels, Ksenija Marinković and Dejan Aćimović are great at portraying middle age working class couple, but Nebojša Glogovac should win like an Oscar or something!

See full summary » The only reason I didn't give it 10 stars is because I'm so sick and tired of films that deal with xenophobia, homophobia, Ustaše and Chetniks, Croats and Serbs that I wanna puke!

THAT BEING SAID, this is one of the best Croatian films I have seen in a loooong time.

Applications for the call are submitted via e-mail address [email protected]

Forms and additional documentation has to be filled in according to the instructions in the text of the call in English and Croatian language.

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