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Also, it is common for military service people to engage in peacekeeping missions that are anything but peaceful.Whether you are deployed to a recognized war zone like the Middle East or are sent on a peacekeeping mission a military career carries unusual risks. You get to see the world because military life involves travel.The most ancient part of Stari Grad falls within the UNESCO Protected World Heritage Site of the Stari Grad Plain, while the entire municipality lies within the surrounding buffer zone.

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According to Diodorus, the Greeks killed more than 5,000 and captured 2,000 prisoners, ran down or captured their ships, and burned their weapons in dedication to their gods.

This battle meant the loss of the most important strategic Liburnian positions in the centre of the Adriatic, resulting in their final retreat to their main ethnic region, Liburnia, and their complete departure from the Italic coast, apart from Truentum.

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10,000 Liburnians sailed out from their capital Idassa (Zadar), led by the Iadasinoi (people of Zadar), and laid siege to Pharos.

The Syracusan fleet positioned in Issa was informed in time, and Greek triremes attacked the siege fleet, taking victory in the end.After high school is over you will come to appreciate it for the relatively carefree time of life that it is. Some people have life plans started before freshman year while others are still at the planning stage a year after high school.It may sound cliché but once you graduate high school real life begins and how that life plays out is shaped by what you decide to do after high school. No one way is the right way because every choice means sacrifice and every path leads to more than one destination.It is thought that the name may come from the previous inhabitants of the area.A great naval battle was recorded a year after the establishment of Pharos colony by a Greek inscription in Pharos (384 – 383 BC) and by the Greek historian Diodorus Siculus (80 – 29 BC), initiated by conflicts between the Greek colonists and the indigenous Hvar islanders, the Liburnians, who asked their compatriots for support.You get to see places in the world that many people do not ever get to see and in ways that most people can’t imagine.

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