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This movement occurs under the influence of random stimuli from the environment and is not continuous but occurs in jumps.It is generally believed that such jumps occur in a manner that is typical of classical objects, ...From the terrace one can enjoy the the broad view on Mt. Even from the pool the one can see the whole valley.

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Nachdem die Schüler der OBS die Wand von Schmutz und Ablagerungen befreit hatten, konnte mit der Gestaltung begonnen werden.

Insgesamt 50 Stunden dauerte es, bis die Wand fertig war.

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With safety in the resource sector a globally critical issue, the researchers said an affordable, robust, and real-time monitoring system was imperative - and they have already made recent important discoveries furthering this work within the centre. more A gold compound shifts from a visible fluorescence to emitting infrared when ground - a big shift with potential applications in bioimaging and security inks. more Eurofins Scientific, the global leader in food and environment testing, announces that it has acquired Nab Labs Group Oy, an independent environment testing laboratories in Finland.

Similarly, quantum systems at a temperature of absolute zero also experience phase transitions.

La Domaine du Deves is a newly built house in Provence-style. Do you want to start Arab dating as soon as possible? The love of your life is some where in the world and Arab mission is to help you find him or her.Arab is an Arab dating website launched in 2004 and now it hosts hundreds of thousands of profiles.The team's investigations could influence potential applications in diverse technology areas from green energy and sustainable chemistry ...more In molecules there are certain groups of atoms that are able to rotate.Bei strahlendem Sonnenschein fand am vergangenen Freitag (31.3.17) das traditionelle Kollegiumsboßeln der OBS Norden statt.

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