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They take their time, wear seersucker, and more reasons you need to get yourself a southern fella. Although the British accent comes in first for most accent-adoring folks, when it comes to accents here in the United States, it's the southern drawl that's winning fans left and right, according to a brand new study from They Don't Play Games"Like, you kiss a dude and he's your boyfriend, no need to have a lot of 'so, where is this going? They're A Proud People While northerners are definitely stoked to be Yankees, there's nothing quite like southern pride.8. They Take Their Time Compared to their northern counterparts, southern men literally take time to smell the flowers.

If it's the southern accent that's most desirable, do southern men live up to their charm in other ways, too? They don't call them "southern gentlemen" for nothing. They Have Great Manners This isn't to say that Yankee boys don't, but southerners, as a whole, are known for having some swoon-worthy manners, from using polite words to holding doors open. Their Choice Of Words Is Pretty Damn Cute As Marcus points out, "' Beau' is much sexier than 'boyfriend,'" and who doesn't want to be called "darlin'? They'll Introduce You To Grits Never had grits? If this is the case, and they really do like to take their time, just think about how much your sex life will benefit from this way of life.

Always remember that behind that sweet façade is a young lady that can field dress a deer, be nice.

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Here are 15 reasons Northern guys make the best boyfriends...

Whatever Northern breed you go for, whether he's a Geordie, scouse or ANY man north of the Watford Gap we promise you he won't disappoint.

Between crowdsourcing, research, and some insight from North Carolina-born New York City writer, Lilit Marcus, we've got it all figured out for you. If we've learned anything from John Grisham and 9.

They Respect Women Although sometimes that can border on "annoying putting-of-ladies-on-pedestals stuff," explains Marcus, I think most of us can agree that's way better than not being respected at all.7.

Here are the top 10 reason psychologists, professors and sex therapists agree – as stated by them. The community isn’t as close in the North,” notes Dr. “A man in the South is admired and rewarded for keeping the tradition of treating a woman the `right’ way. “Southern men’s value for relationships makes them more determined and committed toward making a relationship work, which would more than likely make them a better marriage partner,” according to Dr.

Gail Rouse, assistant professor of psychology at Clark Atlanta University. Southern men also have a higher respect for their mother, which is noted to determine how any man treats a mate.” says Dr. Southern men are more sensitive than their Northern counterparts. Northern men believe if the relationship doesn’t work, they can go to another relationship.” 4. Plummer explains, “Southern men are the gentlemen who are more traditional with values instilled. The family comes first.” (I have seen this myself when a friend was pregnant so several of her Southern Male friends proposed.) and the Number ! Imagine yourself asking a southern country girl so to speak, to go out for coffee. As I approached my car, I heard her voice behind me, "Dennis! " You see, no woman - Northern or Southern wants to be alone the rest of her life. We spent the better part of an evening drinking and talking. I may be wrong, but I asked a girl from New Jersey who moved here in the last few years and she said a lot of the things that people will accept up north, would be considered weird here. " To which I replied, "Oh, maybe that's why you can't get a date! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Dr. For more information about my books,"Being a Man in a Woman's World" (volume I & II), and other products visit:

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