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Tom, When updating a column with an update-statement, the value of some records (records that don't need to be updated), are changed into the value NULL.

I use the next statement: update table name B set columnname = ( select value from lookup O where B.keyname = O.keyname and O.

Is there a kind of workaround we can use for updating the records that need to be updated without changing the other records too with a Null value?

Thanks and greetings, David Boot There are at least 2 ways to perform this sort of co-related update correctly.

I'll show my preferred method (update a join) and then another method that'll work if you cannot put a unique constraint on LOOKUP(keyname) (which is needed for the join update). WORLD select * from name; KEYNAME COLUMNNAME ---------- ------------------------- 100 Original Data 200 Original Data Here we update a join.

We can only modify the columns in one of the tables and the other tables we are *NOT* modifying must be "key preserved" -- that is, we must be able to verify that at most one record will be returned when we join NAME to this other table.This can be used to regenerate the profile when reconciliation configurations are changed from Oracle Identity Manager Design Console. When configurations are imported from the Deployment Manager, the profile is generated by default. All nondefault profiles can be completely managed by using any XML editor. Parameters to Control Event Processing Batch Size is the parameter to control event processing. A batch size of 1 is equivalent to processing of events one at a time. The default value of the system Batch Size parameter is 500. Oracle responds with excellent performance in demanding environments.

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