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When you’re looking for a home to rent, you should know more than how many bedrooms it has and whether pets are allowed.You have a right to know what fees and costs you’ll be expected to pay before you sign a lease.

"Bill Delivery" means the presentation to you by the Service of a Biller Account statement from your Biller for you to view and/or pay.

"Biller Account" means the account you have directly with the Biller related to the services provided to you by that Biller.

A 4-day grace leniency is allowed on the minimum ages and intervals for each vaccine.(11) If the requirements for immunization cannot be completed due to medical reasons within 4 months of admittance, a child shall be permitted to remain enrolled in a school or group program for a reasonable length of time that is consistent with good medical practice.

A statement requesting the enrollment of the child beyond the exclusion date shall be signed by a physician or local health officer and shall certify that the child is in the process of complying with all immunization requirements.

Detailed Explanation of Your Rights Q: What does the new Michigan Right to Work law do?

A: It frees you from having to join or financially support a labor union as a condition of employment.“Mobile Alerts Program” is a function of the Service whereby SMS messages are sent to your mobile phone to serve as additional notifications of system events."Payment Account" is the checking account or credit card account from which payments will be debited.It’s your choice, not the union’s or your employer’s. The RTW law only applies to collective bargaining contracts entered into, renewed or extended after the new law’s effective date, which will be on or about March 27, 2013.If you are subject to a contract pre-dating the law’s effective date, you can be compelled to pay union dues or fees until that contract expires, is renewed or is extended.When a pupil transfers to another school or school district, the record of immunization, or a true copy of the record, shall be sent to the new school by the original school.(15) Not less than 95% of entering students in a school -- less the entering students who havemedical, religious, or other exemptions -- shall have received vaccinations as outlined in subrules (8) and (9) of this rule.(16) A principal of a school or operator of a group program shall make immunization records available for inspection by authorized representatives of the department or the appropriate local health department.

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