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I already have a find facility which can search selected sheets within the workbook and I am trying to adapt this so that it will search the same sheets and bring up a message box if the number already exists (ie a match).I can't get it to work (it is bringing up the message box on any number I input) & would appreciate if someone could help me on it! Worksheet Set mysheets = Worksheets(Array("Sheet 2", "Sheet 3", "Sheet 4", _ "Sheet 5", "Sheet 10", "Sheet 11")) For Each objsheet In mysheets Set Rng = objsheet. Find(What:=Findstring, _ After:=Range("A5"), _ Look In:=xl Values, _ Look At:=xl Whole, _ Match Case:=False) If Not Rng Is Nothing Then Msg Box "The reference you have entered already exists on the database.", vb Exclamation, "Box reference already exists" Text Box1.


Run(form1) End Sub End Class Public Class Form1 Inherits System. Protected Overloads Overrides Sub Dispose(By Val disposing As Boolean) If disposing Then If Not (components Is Nothing) Then components. Dispose(disposing) End Sub Friend With Events Text Box1 As System.

Printing Public Class Main Class Shared Sub Main() Dim form1 As Form = New Form1() Application. Initialize Component() 'Add any initialization after the Initialize Component() call End Sub 'Form overrides dispose to clean up the component list.

Un proveedor de errores es una mejor alternativa que mostrar un mensaje de error en un cuadro de mensaje.

Si muestra el mensaje de error en un cuadro de mensaje, el mensaje de error dejar√° de estar visible si el usuario borra el cuadro del mensaje.

Is there any way to turn the damned error provider off when i try to close the form using the windows close button(X). i have a MDI sturucture and show the form using Private Sub Text Box1_Validating(By Val sender As System.

It fires the validation and the user has to fill all the fields before he can close the form.will be a usability issue because many tend to close the form using the (X) button.

You can combine these enumerated values together with a bitwise OR operation.

Combining parameters with a bitwise OR operator will result in a logical AND operation.

Validates child controls that are directly hosted within the container.

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