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That's why we're thrilled to announce we've added even more data-source options in Tableau 10. It makes the experience of interacting with your database that much more enjoyable.

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You can import or display external data in a workbook by using one or more external data connections.

Examples of external data sources can include SQL Server tables, SQL Server Analysis Services cubes, Microsoft Azure Marketplace data, and so on.

When you deploy Reporting Services, a set of data processing extensions are automatically installed and registered on both the report authoring client and on the report server to provide access to a variety of data source types.

Reporting Services installs the following data source types: For example, the Analysis Services data extension is OLEDB-MD. NET Framework data providers are available as downloads from the Microsoft Download Center and from third-party sites.

It’s a distributed query engine for interactive data analysis that scales from gigabytes to petabytes.

Because it distributes queries, analysis can be pushed to where data lives.

On my Joomla control panel I also see "ICagenda Live Update / PLG_QUICKICON_ICAGENDAUPDATE_NOT_SUPPORTED" Any clues how to fix this ?

Thanks Hello, Your issue is not related to 3.5.20 bug (a missing file for fresh install) but that Live Updater integrated in i Cagenda (Live Updater was initially developed by Akeeba) can't process the connexion with Joomli C server.

Platform considerations for Reporting Services data sources are separate for the report authoring client and the report server.

SQL Server SQL Server Data Tools - Business Intelligence is a 32-bit application.

For example, the Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Jet is not supported on the report server. For more information about features, see Reporting Services Features Supported by the Editions of SQL Server 2016.

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