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Commitment Phobia is a term that just doesn’t seem adequate when you […] Hello and welcome to Single in the City!

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“One of the reasons has to do with our limited ability to deal with ‘too much’ information,” Francesconi told the Star in an email interview.

“There is a ‘bound’ on how much we can usefully process and take account into our decisions (whether they refer to our chocolate consumption or our mate choices).” Beyond that bound, additional availability of chocolates, as well as of mates, becomes redundant if not deleterious to our propensity to choose, he said.

Trust me, after the first speeddate or two (and after the first drink or two!

) you will realise it’s a really fun and easy going singles event with other friendly singles.

From the absurd to the cringe-worthy, you shared your worst in your quest for the best, and we’ve saved this space just for you.

If you recognize yourself in any of these Bad Date stories, I hope you’re identifying with the storyteller and not the subject.Francesconi and Linton came to their conclusions after analyzing decisions made by 1,870 male and 1,868 female participants in more than 80 commercially run speed-dating events.The singles reported their age, height, weight, education, occupation, religion and smoking habits.At each event, participants met members of the opposite sex on three-minute dates. As the number of options increased, the researchers found, the number of matches decreased.Men made more choices than women, but overall the majority of the participants left the speed-dating events single.My coworker and good friend, Bella, graciously offered to go with me. We wanted to know what the hell is up with men these days.

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