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Zoe: distributed honoraria cheques to UHPs this week and has been celebrating the food services. Yesterday Gina and Marie went to an Exec meeting of CFS-NS, recapped the past year and brainstormed for next year. Keeping on top of chalkboards and social media and TWAK etc.

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The defendant is also accused of offering the victim alcohol and marijuana.

Additionally, Spring was stopped by police and found to operating his vehicle under the influence of drugs.

And Epstein bragged he was one of the founders of the infamous Clinton Foundation.

But the world may never know the true content of those tapes — and in particular, just who is on them — since the FBI seems determined to keep them locked away forever.

The investigation is ongoing and State Police believe that there may be additional victims.

Anyone with additional information regarding Spring is asked to call State Police at (845) 677-7300.

It’s LONG which is GREAT but I don’t love typing so please go read the PDF linked above! In the Fall it came to light that the minutes for the previous Fall GM had been lost.

Cassie is delivering the report of the Chief Returning Officer, Hannah Mac Dougall.

We don't get mad at punk rock bands for doing shit like [he does], because that's their personality.

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