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It goes back and forth and when I try to talk to him and tell him how this makes me feel, here comes the attitude and he acts like he doesn’t know what I’m talking about.

He just gets mean and brushes me off and acts like he doesn’t love me at all.

It will also help if you can get grandma on board also.

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You can get him another internet contract which will help to speed things up or additional parts like software or hardware that complements his notebook computer.

You can even consider getting computer games if they are into games, however, an individual to first find out if he already has that game in his collection.

The excited, passionate, “in love” period of a relationship is when there is most often a certain amount of bliss.

It’s impossible to sustain these idyllic feelings long term, but most relationships that are headed for real success begin with a “honeymoon” period in which each person is willing to forego many of his or her own preferences for the sake of the other’s.

I try to express to him how this hurts me and confuses me but he turns on that “I don’t care” attitude and it’s like he never even knew me.

That will last for about 2 days and then the next week he’s right back loving me.

Quite honestly, I think all parties invovled should do this since having two little ones around 24/7 is a huge change on top of getting adjusted to living with one person. It is up to the mother in this situation to take the reins of parenthood firmly and gently in this situation.

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