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The age of Ranunculales was estimated to 120 my, Proteales to 119 my, Sabiales to 118 my, Buxales to 117 my, and Trochodendrales to 116 my. Minimum age constraints for selected nodes are given in millions of years.The illustrated fossils are from top down The aim of this study is to present a molecular dating of the basal eudicots using multiple fossil reference-points based on already published phylogenetic studies of the group.

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Eastern Asia, Western Asia, Japan, Beringia and even Europe have all been suggested origination points for the earliest humans to enter the Americas because of apparent differences in cranial form between today’s Native Americans and the earliest known Paleoamerican skeletons.

“Individuals from 9,000 or more years ago have morphological attributes — physical form and structure — distinctive from later Native American peoples,” said Douglas Kennett, professor of environmental archaeology, Penn State.

Migrating from Montana — or elsewhere where ceratopsid fossils are found in abundance — to Mississippi is straightforward today, but during the Late Cretaceous, North America was split by the Western Interior Seaway into two landmasses, Laramidia to the west and Appalachia to the east.

This division created distinct dinosaur communities on either side of the continent, with ceratopsids notably cut off from the east.

@WFS, World Fossil Society, Riffin T Sajeev, Russel T Sajeev An international team, including University of Southampton scientists, has found unusually high temperatures, greater than 100°C, close to Earth’s surface in New Zealand — a phenomenon typically only seen in volcanic areas such as Iceland or Yellowstone, USA.

The researchers made the discovery while boring almost a kilometre into the Alpine Fault, the major tectonic boundary between the Australian and Pacific plates -running the length of the country’s South Island.

At the same time, the researchers experimented with uranium thorium dating the skeleton directly.

Asmerom and Polyak tried to directly date Naia’s teeth using this method, but that also did not work well.

After traditional and well accepted direct-dating methods failed because the bones were mineralized from long emersion in warm salty water within this limestone cave system, they worked closely with colleagues to build a geochronological framework for Naia using a unique combination of techniques to constrain the age of the skeleton to the end of the ice age.

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