South park dating sim walkthrough

Coz that's the only area I managed to put in a scene with Josh. Again, kinda sucks that I won't be able to finish this. So maybe during the summer or anytime i have nothing to do, I might pick this up again or do that AT dating game i thought about before. HE DIED THE NEXT NIGHT ON MONDAY AND ILL TELL YA NOW IT WASNT PRETTY(JUST CUZ HE SENT FIVE HE DIDNT COMPLETE THE TASK)EXAMPLE3: JOEANNASENT IT TO 19 PEOPLE SHE THOUGHT IT WAS CLOSE ENOUGH AND WOULD DO BUT SHE WAS WRONG SHE DIED THAT NIGHT ON A MONDAY AND ONCE AGAIN IT WASNTA true boyfriend Stay on the phone with her even if shes not saying anything.

This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for South Park for Nintendo 64.

Main Menu: Start Extras Info Character Selection: Nate Extras: Characters So I recommend checking out the Characters Page first before actually starting the game.

The guide may have some differences in it from playing between the PC and Play Station 3.

This is based on a mature rated game for Blood and Gore, Drug References, Heavy Mature Humor, Nudity, Strong Language, Strong Sexual Content, and Violence.

Walkthrough ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.01 - Day One O~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~O 1.01.01 - Creating a Character O~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~O After the cut scene you will need to create your character.

I didn't continue it because the file got corrupted and like hell was I gonna do this all over again.

If you've discovered a cheat you'd like to add to the page, or have a correction, please click EDIT and add it.

To activate a cheat, enter its corresponding password below. Cartman ALLWOMAN Ned HAWKING Officer Barbrady ELVISLIVES Phillip PHAERT Pip FISHNCHIPS Starvin Marvin SLAPUPMEAL Terrance RAFT Wendy CHECKATACO By holding C-up and either C-left or C-right, and running at an angle you can move at an increased speed. Now all of your characters are available in multiplayer.

1.01.19 - Alien Abduction 1.02 - Day Two 1.02.01 - Gain New Allies 1.02.02 - Nonconformist 1.02.03 - Big Game Huntin' with Jimbo Continued 1.02.04 - Dropping the Kids Off 1.02.05 - The Homeless Problem Continued 1.02.06 - Magical Songs 1.02.07 - The She-Ogre 1.02.08 - Man Bear Pig Continued 1.02.09 - Unfriend Al Gore 1.02.10 - Defeat Man Bear Pig 1.02.11 - PTA Problems 1.02.12 - Wasted Cache 1.02.13 - Nazi Zombie Bounty 1.02.14 - Attack the School 1.02.15 - Go Back Home 1.02.16 - Defeat the Underpants Gnomes 1.03 - Day Three 1.03.01 - Forging Alliances 1.03.02 - Phase 1 1.03.03 - Recruit the Girls 1.03.04 - Pose as Bebe's Boyfriend 1.03.05 - Unplanned Parenthood 1.03.06 - Heading North 1.03.07 - O Canada 1.03.08 - Big Game Huntin' with Jimbo Continued 1.03.09 - Beat Up Clyde!

1.03.10 - Betrayal from Within ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.

Just the menu alone took me about 2 weeks to do e__e But unexpectedly, I managed to reconnect to my hard drive again after all this time and I stumbled across this thing's Shockwave Flash Object file, which worked until the point where it got corrupted.

And it kinda sucked that I wouldn't be able to show the final result, and thought that it would've been a waste of my time and effort if I didn't at least show this.

When he says he is leaving, tell him you want to be with him. Ending dragonmunchies' guide* to Pacthesis' dating sims Tip For All Games Don't use any max relation cheats.

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