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Gina Lujan did not meet her Hacker Lab co-founders the usual way. They did not launch their business from their Harvard dorm room, or at incubators like Y Combinator or Tech Stars.

Lujan first met Charles Blas and Eric Ullrich after they responded to her personal ad on Craigslist that read: “seeking all hackers and enthusiasts – where are you?

However, two friends, Makenna Jones and Allyson Miller have came up with their own solution to the lack of inter-student relationships: blind dating.

Over a three-month period last fall, Joe found 500 people who appeared to fit his criteria.

He initiated contact with 100 of them, corresponded with 50 and dated three before finding the right match.

This week marks Hacker Lab’s one-year anniversary and the company is marking the occasion with a large gathering of Sacramento’s most prominent technorati.

As part of the festivities, Lujan will host a founder-dating event to assist entrepreneurs to find like-minded people with the hope of starting a company.

”After a quick search on Google they found their answer: no.

Unlike dating sites where users need to sign up and create an account, Hokie Romance is as simple as answering a few questions“You simply have to like the page and answer eight questions that we have listed under the ‘about’ tab that help us get a brief, general sense of who you are and what you're interested in,” said Miller, a freshman Spanish and communication major.

The leak (unofficially titled "Cloudbleed" in reference to 2014's Heartbleed exploit) was the result of a "buffer overrun," Cloudflare said, a problem caused by a mistake in its code.

Cloudflare said the bug had been present in its code for years, but had not been uncovered until it switched from the Ragel parser to a new parser called cf-html, a move which "subtly changed the buffering" and made the leak happen, "even though there were no problems in cf-html itself." Explaining the delay in announcing the leak, Cloudflare says its "natural inclination was to get news of the bug out as quickly as possible," but that it felt it "had a duty of care to ensure that search engine caches were scrubbed before a public announcement." It also said it conducted a search of sites such as Paste Bin for repositories of leaked information but found nothing.

” “I got a few weird responses,” admitted Lujan, but she also hooked up with Blas, a hacker who works for a local security company. The minute we met each other we said let’s do this.” Last year the trio launched Sacramento-based Hacker Lab, a tech co-working space that doubles as a start-up incubator.

Lujan had been running a similar co-working business in nearby Berkeley, but was forced to leave when her landlord’s rental property was foreclosed on.

Cloudflare says the biggest outpouring of information started on February 13th when a shift in code meant one in every 3,300,300 HTTP requests potentially resulted in memory leakage — a significant figure for a network the size of Cloudflare.

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