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"When she walks on that stage, it's going to be a really special moment," said host Chris Harrison.The project that first sequenced a human genome in 2000 took 15 years and cost about billion. but I was a bit defensive, because I don’t know, all of my relatives look like me.Feel free to post corrections or additions by signing in or using the feedback form above.

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And then there was this woman in a picture." She added, "This was exactly the polar opposite of purity ...

and I was a normal kid in the middle." Despite the scandal, Williams remained a hero for many and is expected to get a hero's welcome during the pageant.

Her second marriage was to former NBA basketball player Rick Fox.

They have three children: Melanie (born 1987), Jillian (born 1989), and Devin (born 1993).

on Wednesday reported that tennis star Serena Williams is dating Alexis Ohanian.

You can tell this story is rock-solid because it’s attributed to “an onlooker” who spotted the pair at a gymnastics center in Los Angeles.

WATCH: Blake Shelton Cops to His Pageant-Performing Past "It was two drastically different images. That was the issue," Williams told 's Robin Roberts of the photos.

"It was Miss America who's really kind of untouched in that reality.

A University of Virginia graduate, he’s geeky and boyishly enthusiastic, handsome by tech-startup standards, and earnestly idealistic to an extent that stands out even in Silicon Valley, where everyone’s busy making the world a better place.

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